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What If

What if
Just for a moment
We stop
And choose to believe
That we are perfect
Not just enough
For that suggests
A limitation in itself
Unimaginably dazzling
Clothed in
Potential and possibility
Howling with joyous abandonment
For the richness of the landscape
That frames our lives
Dancing every step
Whether winds are ferocious or calm
Days turbulent or still
What if
Just for a moment
We choose
to say

This poem has become the anthem of my life. What is calling you to say YES?  What is buried deeply, or perhaps already reaching for sunlight that just needs that stroke of encouragement? One of my passions in life is helping women, particularly those in the middle of their lives, lean into that which is calling them. For me, it meant leaving a corporate career and ending up in India. It has also meant some missteps and learning from some painful mistakes along the way. All of it, however, has led me to where I am today–57 years old, doing my best to live each day with intention and purpose. What about you?

And so I wake
To live out loud
Choose the way
Of big and bold.

Delta Donohue - What If We Choose To Say Yes