CIPA EVVY First Place Book Award

The First Taste Belongs to the Gods wins 1st place
in the 2018 CIPA EVVY awards

"This memoir is original—both in the story it tells and the manner in which it is constructed. Although this topic has been written about before, the author's approach here is fresh and different. The character descriptions are solid, slice-of-life glimpses of people that seem simple yet leave readers with vivid memories for days to come."
BookLife Critic's Review
of The First Taste Belongs to the Gods
“Delta Donohue has the rich capacity to share her story in ways that gently, yet deeply, invite others to attend, honor, and give voice to their own. I was moved by the humor, grace, and wisdom of her poetry and stories and found myself thinking about pieces of her work weeks after I first heard it.”
“Delta articulates the everyday world in a way that sheds light on the beauty of life itself. Her relatable experiences and expressive performance drew me in and left me hungering for more.”
Delta Donohue - What If We Choose To Say Yes