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What happens when you wake up one day in your comfortable, climate-controlled, corporate career in middle management and say, “Enough! Money isn’t everything. I want to make a difference in our world.”

This stream of thought launched 47-year-old Delta Donohue into an adventure that would last over seven years and involve volunteering in an orphanage in India, elephants and camels, starting a social enterprise that partners with village women, and more elephants and camels – along with several monkeys and one particular cow.

The First Taste Belongs to the Gods is a deeply personal collection of stories and poetic reflections chronicling these years of going back and forth to India and the interior journey it prompted. This unconventional, poignant travelogue will have you laughing, crying and asking yourself, “What life do I dream of?”

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Delta Donohue's The First Taste Belongs to the Gods book cover
"...this book is a delight...a treat for all your senses. Highly, highly recommended."
Dr. Jessica Voigts
Publisher, Wandering Educators & Journey to Scotland
"...a master story teller and spinner of tales... Donohue helps to reminds us of why we travel…"
Jane Stanfield
Author of Where is She Heading
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